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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Baker Talent in Boon Lay Shopping Center Long Queue

Baker Talent (Boon Lay branch)
The new arrival of Baker Talent in Boon Lay Shopping Center created a lot of sensations from nearby residents and working class crowd during the 1st few weeks of its opening sometime in June 2012.

Long queue can be seen forming for at least 3 shop lengths away and most of the patrons have to wait outside the bakery shop for more than 10 minutes in order for their turn to place their orders.  

Why the Queue?

Apparently the explanation for long queue is probably mainly due to the lower prices of buns as compared to other bakery shop there. Most of their buns costs under S$1 while the competitor buns cost at least $1.20.  Take for instance, Butter Boom initially priced at $0.60 is really a good buy for most residents who stay around in Boon Lay are "budget conscious". Low prices does attract a lot more people to make a decision to buy.

During those days you can see many people don't mind standing outside the shop to queue up and calling their friends to find out how many buns to get for them while waiting for their turn.
After making their purchase, you can see many of the satisfied customers happily carrying away plastic bag with at least 6 buns inside to bring back home. Some I believe they bought the buns to share them with their friends and family members. They can buy more with this kind of low prices.


Besides the low prices of their buns, I also thought that the advertisements were very well designed with many enticing photographs of their buns. Just looking at the posters will make you want to have a bite on the buns. 
With the use of words like "Opening Promotion", original price =S$1.20 and promotion price=$0.60, who will just let this good bargain slip by?  When one start queuing while waiting for the buns to be ready , the rest will follow.  This "monkey see , monkey do"   kind of effect also created the long queue pheneomon.

1st Impression of Shop 
The shopfront is newly renovated, well lighted, neat and clean coupled with an open concept style of business where people can see what the bakers and employees are doing. 

Customers feel safe and assured when they can see the baking process and furthermore the buns are properly displayed on the shelf covered with clear glass similar to the one in a jewellery shop. Customers can easily order the buns from the outside by just pointing their  fingers to the choice of buns they want.

What about today? 
Seems that the buying craze has cooled down and much quieter, I can hardly see a soul walking near Baker Talent in Boon Lay.  Looks like people have lost much of their initial great interest in the buns. 

Has it got to do with the quality of the buns? 
I have obtained some feedbacks from people who had tried the buns, they told that some of the buns are " oily ". At first I thought it may be their taste bud problem, how can buns be oily?
When I tried it, I  do have to agree with them..

I bought and tried the Custard bun in July, the texture is different from other normal buns i have eaten in the past.  When I bite on the surface of bun, it does not feel like I am eating bread. 
Tasted kind of soft and feel like I needed to buy at least another one bun to be full.
The bun was also oily so I have to drink more water.

From that day onwards,  I did not come back to order the same type of bun.  
Instead I tried a different flavor, the bun that  has  ham and corns filllings  (the bun has a whiter color ). 
Now it  tasted more like bun to me now and I gave it a thumbs up. 

I believe some of their other flavors of buns are quite tasty and appealing to the taste bud. 
You may want to try  out and see which is the better type, given the lower prices of the buns
and considering you can expect safer food from the clean environment setup.
Best of all, Bake Talent still maintained most of their promotion prices.
NO more queues , you can get your bun order within 2 mins;)


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